An Ode to Aragorn

I came.

If you have seen Lord of the Rings or know anything about the art of being awesome, then you know Aragorn II. As most of you know, I am an epic Aragorn fangirl. While I have tried to keep it hidden for years…I just can’t take it anymore. After re-watching LotR with my mother, I’m suddenly hooked again.
Thus…my ode to Aragorn.

Basic: As you start your quest through the LotR world, you fist encounter Aragorn when Frodo and his gang arrive at the Prancing Pony in search of Gandalf. And already…you’re just thinking….this guy is badass.

Basically, Aragorn was born into royalty. Then his father was killed when he was only two years old. He was then sent off to be fostered by Elrond by his mother, and she requested for him to not know about his lineage. EVENTUALLY, he is told of his heritage blah blah falls in love with Arwen blah blah blah learns to fight like a badass weasel on crack blah blah blah IS CROWNED KING.

Moving on…

Skills: Like I said before, HE FIGHTS LIKE A BADASS WEASEL ON CRACK. In the first LotR, he fights off a whole band of Nazgûl by.himself. Now, if you don’t know what a Nazgûl is…they’re basically like…the Dementor’s super evil grandfather. Still, that’s an understatement. Even earlier in the movie, he outsmarts these evil motherfuckers with some pillows. An even more epic and proven point of his brain power is displayed when he discovers Merry and Pippin survived through the great Orc slaying by just looking at some grass on the ground.

Basically, throughout the entire trilogy, he’s never fighting less than four dudes at once, he survives through countless mind-boggling battles, and even when he’s getting his ass kicked (RARE) he finds a way to pull through.

Looks: Personally, I think he looks like an A-class badass. I suppose you have to definitely appreciate the “scruffy” look. I mean, in Middle-Earth, that’s just what you get.
….or you can have an elf.
I guess I can’t really rant about his looks, since my main obsession stems from his fighting skills and how he can tolerate Frodo for so long.

Conclusion: Of course, I am extremely biased when it comes to Aragorn, but I don’t really see how anyone could dislike the guy. Even if you don’t like LotR (/INNER RAGE), he’s still an all around kick ass character.


18 thoughts on “An Ode to Aragorn

  1. You know just as a general rule…If Tolkien created a character, then they are probably cool. (Unless of course they are a hobbit then this rule does not apply to them)

  2. Ah Aragorn, my love. XD That guy caught my attention the second he entered the movies, and kept it until the end. Him, Legolas, and Gimli were and are pretty much the most bad-ass trio ever to be conceived. Frodo’s a loser, Sam’s a great kid, Gandalf is just epic, Pippin and Merry were hilarious little dudes, That elven… princess thing was pretty cool, and Gollum was just…. creepy. And insane. 😐

    • All Sam was there for was motivational support. Besides Frodo got to take the boat ride at the very end of the movie for being the ring bearer and hell he never recovered from his journey anyway and he knew it wold be bad when he was at Rivendale, da boyz got balls. Did Sam? No, all he got was to become stupid mayor.

      Apparently the hobbits are comparable to the British people since Lord of the Rings is sort of a rendition on WWI. Not really important to this, bit interesting!

      • Yeah, but Frodo would be dead without Sam. I mean, 70% of the trilogy is thinking that Frodo’s dead. He’s such a fail character. Interesting…but fail.

        Yeah. He wrote the entire epic right after he got back from fighting in WWI : o

  3. Aragorn is a fuckin beast.
    And I actually happen to fap to Gandalf on a regular basis thank you.
    He’s all like “YO DOG I’M A MUTHAFUCKIN BADASS” and then goes all supa fly on all these Gs.

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