No Homo Frodo

You don’t need One Ring to find me

Frodo and Sam have a friendship that could easily put Harry and Ron’s to shame. Yet, from various corners of the internet, it seems some people believe there is something…deeper between these two.

Now, before we begin, let’s just put the first book aside. Gone, out the window. People’s suspicions seem to arouse from the end of Two Towers and Return of the King. This is when their relationship is shown on a both deeply emotional and physical scale, the quest has become much more deadly. From what I recall, Sam kisses and caresses Frodo’s hand. And, I mean, just look at Elijah Wood’s big beautiful eyes, some people simply can’t help but fantasize.

And that is exactly where it ends.

Besides the fact Sam ends up married with a wife and children at the end of the trilogy, there are various other reasons why I can’t fathom why anyone would think Sam has any sort of romantic/sexual feelings towards Frodo. From reading Tolkien’s LotR, I can easily say I saw a huge LACK of sexuality in just about every single character. Sam, who is personally one of my favorite characters, actually comes off more motherly to Frodo than anything else. While we can argue all day whether or not males have the ability to possess a maternal instinct, Sam is the one who feeds, nurtures, and all around takes care of Frodo throughout the entire journey.

There is no doubt, Sam loves Frodo. To the point he would lay down his life for him. Then again, so would Aragorn and the rest of the crew. To me, it is more an expression of deep loyalty to a master. That master being, well, “master Frodo”. I could also stem out to Tolkien’s experiences with war and how LotR is directly inspired from that, but that is a whole other post.

In literature, Frodo and Sam are easily one of my most highly regarded friendships. And I, of course, understand people are free to imagine Middle Earth however they see it.
But SamFro is just not my cup of tea and never will be.


2 thoughts on “No Homo Frodo

  1. FINALLY. Some place I can express my nerdiness. I completely agree with you. I heard some people mention some kind of “hidden” feelings between Sam Frodo, which I never understood. To me, Sam always viewed Frodo as…well, I guess exactly what he says, “Master”. I mean, this guy is his best friend, and is now in charge of saving their world. Of course you’re going to do everything you can to protect and take care of this guy.

  2. Honestly, I think a lot of people get these feelings from the way Wood protrays the character in the movie, and not the books. Because you’re right. In the books, there’s no sexuality really mentioned. But I like that audiences get the feeling that Frodo and Sam have a “deeper” connection because the way Elijah Wood acts. 😀

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