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Where Is Thy Romance

Whoa there kids

People who know me in person are very aware I have a bit of a beef with Shakespeare. Don’t get me wrong, I of course have to respect the guy for writing such classics and masterpieces. His terribly receding hairline isn’t going anywhere. Yet, I can’t help but raise my brows when people legitimately believe the famous play Romeo and Juliet is a “romance”. To me, it is a story of absolutely shitty choices that leaves to a shitty outcome.

Let’s just start with a brief overview of the play, shall we?

It actually starts off with Romeo pining over another woman. Rosaline, anyone? We don’t see her, but oh, she sure as hell is mentioned. She’s basically uninterested in Romeo because she doesn’t want to give up her lady goods.
Meanwhile Juliet, who I might add is THIRTEEN YEARS OLD, finds out some dude named Paris wants to marry her. Anyway, Romeo and his crew decide to crash the Capulet’s (Juliet’s family) ball because Rosaline is on the guest list and Romeo MUST see her. Already seems like this guy is just full of shitty decisions, eh?
Anyway, they crash the party, Romeo and Juliet’s eyes lock and bam love at first sight. It’s all downhill from there. They find out they are both from rival families, but they don’t give a shit because they love each, soulmates, the entire package of delusion. They even start to plan their totally romantic wedding the first actual time they meet in private. Totally romantic, right? So Juliet confides in the Nurse her scheme, while Romeo confides in Friar Laurence, and Romeo’s friend Mercutio just finds the whole situation hilarious and proceeds to laugh his ass off in a corner somewhere. Friar Laurence secretly weds the two lovebirds, and all is happy.


You see, Tybalt’s pissed because some lowly Montague and his gang bitches totally crashed his party. So how does Tybalt solve this problem?
Kill Mercutio, of course?
Who sees this go down?
Thus, like any gentleman back in the day would do, Romeo and Tybalt duel until Romeo comes out the victor at the cost of Tybalt’s life. Romeo, realizing “oh shit”, runs off before all of Verona shows up. Thus, the Prince announces Romeo will not be killed, but instead banished. Juliet hears of this news, her beloved husband killed her equally beloved cousin…guess who she cares about more? Oh yes, 24 hour husband. Not family, no! That would be downright stupid! Meanwhile, Friar Laurence comes up with a ~*most excellent plan*~ to have the Prince pardon Romeo, but to make this happen Romeo must run away. Yet, Romeo is allowed to spend his wedding night with Juliet.

Oh yeah, remember that Paris guy? Yeah, he’s pissed. He called dibs on Juliet, didn’t he? Why the heck did this broad not want to marry him? And why the shit is she so sad?

So, Juliet’s father decides a marriage to Paris is JUST THE CURE TO HER SADNESS. So when THIRTEEN YEAR OLD Juliet returns from her lovely wedding night with Romeo, she discovers she is to be married to Paris in two days. So she runs to Friar Laurence’s house and has this weird, I mean really weird kiss with Paris. After Paris leaves Juliet claims she’s going to KILL HERSELF. Since Friar Laurence is sick of this teenage hormone shit, but brilliant with schemes, he makes a concoction that allows her to appear dead for 42 hours. She agrees because she is an idiot, goes home and agrees to marry Paris, and to take the drink to make her appear dead on the day of her wedding and be taken to the Capulet tomb where Romeo is to find her and somehow live happily ever after.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Juliet isn’t the ONLY idiot here….there’s still Romeo! He hears of her death before he hears the elaborate plan. So Romeo buys some poison (because I mean really, it’s not like there are any OTHER fish in the sea right?) and goes to Juliet’s tomb to commit suicide. There he finds Paris, oh you know, MOURNING THE LOSS OF HIS YOUNG NEVER-TO-BE BRIDE. Might I add, PARIS HAS NO IDEA WHO THE HELL ROMEO EVEN IS, so he sees him as an intruder. They fight.

Now that Paris is out of the way, he can make a shitty desicion in peace!

So, he enters the tomb, says some shit to Juliet’s dead body and drinks the poison.
Down goes Romeo.
Up comes Juliet.
This was not what was supposed to happen. Oh the grief! The sorrow! There is obviously only one way out of this.
Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
Juliet, out of the grief of her lost near-a-week-but-not-quite lover, stabs herself with a dagger.

Capulets, Montagues, and the Prince of Verona (what) show up to the tomb and find the dead lovers. Friar Laurence confesses everything. The two lords of the rival houses are actually MOVED, yes MOVED, by the story of their dead children and refuse to fight ever again.

Now, the problem I have with this play is not simply the whole “kill yourself if your true love kills themselves” message a majority of the critics have with the play. It’s the fact it ends on a POSITIVE note. The feud ENDS, no more fighting. Their deaths are set up like some sort of twisted martyr case in the name of the families/feud. It’s just…weird. It’s a tragedy, not a romance. It’s insane teenage hormones, not sexy or forbidden.

In short, skip the crap and read Hamlet.

No Homo Frodo

You don’t need One Ring to find me

Frodo and Sam have a friendship that could easily put Harry and Ron’s to shame. Yet, from various corners of the internet, it seems some people believe there is something…deeper between these two.

Now, before we begin, let’s just put the first book aside. Gone, out the window. People’s suspicions seem to arouse from the end of Two Towers and Return of the King. This is when their relationship is shown on a both deeply emotional and physical scale, the quest has become much more deadly. From what I recall, Sam kisses and caresses Frodo’s hand. And, I mean, just look at Elijah Wood’s big beautiful eyes, some people simply can’t help but fantasize.

And that is exactly where it ends.

Besides the fact Sam ends up married with a wife and children at the end of the trilogy, there are various other reasons why I can’t fathom why anyone would think Sam has any sort of romantic/sexual feelings towards Frodo. From reading Tolkien’s LotR, I can easily say I saw a huge LACK of sexuality in just about every single character. Sam, who is personally one of my favorite characters, actually comes off more motherly to Frodo than anything else. While we can argue all day whether or not males have the ability to possess a maternal instinct, Sam is the one who feeds, nurtures, and all around takes care of Frodo throughout the entire journey.

There is no doubt, Sam loves Frodo. To the point he would lay down his life for him. Then again, so would Aragorn and the rest of the crew. To me, it is more an expression of deep loyalty to a master. That master being, well, “master Frodo”. I could also stem out to Tolkien’s experiences with war and how LotR is directly inspired from that, but that is a whole other post.

In literature, Frodo and Sam are easily one of my most highly regarded friendships. And I, of course, understand people are free to imagine Middle Earth however they see it.
But SamFro is just not my cup of tea and never will be.

What IS a Vampire?

Interview with the Vampire. Anne Rice, I love you.

This day and age we seem to constantly be fed (no pun intended) the supposedly glamorous lifestyle of vampires. From Dracula, to Twilight, to Lesbian Killer Vampires (not kidding), we seem to suddenly be re-obsessed with these creatures of the night. What is it about them? Is it their sex appeal? Their darkness? Their power? Their ever lasting life? Or hell, maybe you’re just team werewolf all the way.

I’m mainly just amazed how these blood-sucking creatures have shaped in the media. They went from…


To this:

So, how did the vampire go from a truly terrifying, blood-sucking, monster…to a teen heart throb with no fangs? I believe the “romanticized” version of the vampire first began to appear around Dracula’s film era. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula is depicted holding Helen Chandler’s character in a loose grip, staring hungrily down at her neck. While it is more deadly than the typical teenage vampire now, the sight is still seen as somewhat erotic.

The vampire’s victorian, classical beauty that is well known today seems to have come from Anne Rice’s vampires. They are depicted as pale, beautiful creatures of the night. They are incredibly tempting, yet…still dangerous. Anne Rice’s vampires are still violent and brutal, but at the same time they still show bits of emotion. An example would be Louis’ reluctance to drink human blood and Claudia’s strong desire to age like a normal woman.

From there the vampire culture seemed to split into three directions.

One path was the punk, gothic vampires. They’re depicted as sexual deviants with pale skin and black hair who drink human blood in the comforting darkness of some metal-blazing bondage club. This seems to be the main, popular depiction when it comes to the underground vampire scene.

The other, more popular, path are the romantic vampires. They’re depicted with pale skin, and are the definition of perfection. They yearn for one love and will do basically anything for them; even if it means making some ultimate sacrifice.

Now, my personal favorite, is the strictly modern vampire. You see them mainly on True Blood, coming in all shapes and sizes. Some are fat, skinny, pretty, ugly. They’re seducing, yet very dangerous. And, all the while, they have  a human side to them. They’re like Anne Rice’s vampires…vamped (no pun) up a bit.

So I ask you, what do you consider to be a true vampire?

An Ode to Aragorn

I came.

If you have seen Lord of the Rings or know anything about the art of being awesome, then you know Aragorn II. As most of you know, I am an epic Aragorn fangirl. While I have tried to keep it hidden for years…I just can’t take it anymore. After re-watching LotR with my mother, I’m suddenly hooked again.
Thus…my ode to Aragorn.

Basic: As you start your quest through the LotR world, you fist encounter Aragorn when Frodo and his gang arrive at the Prancing Pony in search of Gandalf. And already…you’re just thinking….this guy is badass.

Basically, Aragorn was born into royalty. Then his father was killed when he was only two years old. He was then sent off to be fostered by Elrond by his mother, and she requested for him to not know about his lineage. EVENTUALLY, he is told of his heritage blah blah falls in love with Arwen blah blah blah learns to fight like a badass weasel on crack blah blah blah IS CROWNED KING.

Moving on…

Skills: Like I said before, HE FIGHTS LIKE A BADASS WEASEL ON CRACK. In the first LotR, he fights off a whole band of Nazgûl by.himself. Now, if you don’t know what a Nazgûl is…they’re basically like…the Dementor’s super evil grandfather. Still, that’s an understatement. Even earlier in the movie, he outsmarts these evil motherfuckers with some pillows. An even more epic and proven point of his brain power is displayed when he discovers Merry and Pippin survived through the great Orc slaying by just looking at some grass on the ground.

Basically, throughout the entire trilogy, he’s never fighting less than four dudes at once, he survives through countless mind-boggling battles, and even when he’s getting his ass kicked (RARE) he finds a way to pull through.

Looks: Personally, I think he looks like an A-class badass. I suppose you have to definitely appreciate the “scruffy” look. I mean, in Middle-Earth, that’s just what you get.
….or you can have an elf.
I guess I can’t really rant about his looks, since my main obsession stems from his fighting skills and how he can tolerate Frodo for so long.

Conclusion: Of course, I am extremely biased when it comes to Aragorn, but I don’t really see how anyone could dislike the guy. Even if you don’t like LotR (/INNER RAGE), he’s still an all around kick ass character.